Starting from 2010 SmartLook-Engineering provides full range of CAD design and engineering services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality solutions at the most reasonable prices. Our mission is to create long term relationships with our clients and to provide them best outsourced services.

Our credo is “Our new customer, should become our regular customer”

In reality - the DESIGN of product is main step in bringing your idea to the market. Our team can help you to design trending product that will be easy-to-use, visually attactive and elegant  - the solution in which your customers will trust.

Here are some steps which we need to pass before your idea will be turned into finished product
-    Preliminary product design
-    Individual stylish design
-    Simple & Ergonomic design
-    Right materials selection for manufacturing 
-    Product prototyping and testing
-    Technical documentations and specifications
-    Manufacturer finding and selection
-    Start of serial production

Write to us and we will contact with you to discuss your project.